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TAROX have developed several racing calipers which can provide the answer to virtually any racing application. In order to help you to choose the most appropriate calipers there are a few factors that should be considered.

Right caliper for the right disc

For each caliper we can provide different gaps therefore when ordering a caliper it is essential to advise the brake disc thickness so that TAROX can provide a caliper with the appropriate gap.
Some TAROX calipers work for discs of different brake surface width (usually 50mm and 60mm) . When choosing the right disc and caliper combination it is essential to take into account this factor to achieve the best possible braking performance.

Piston Number
In principle the more the better, so choose six instead of four and ten instead of six unless the relevant Technical Regulations dictate a limit in the calipers number of pistons. More pistons means:
1. Pressure is more evenly distributed across the pads.
2. Better cooling action of the pads, because of more airflow behind the pad’s metal support.
3. Less stress factors on the caliper itself.
4. More responsive brake pedal.

Piston Size
For each TAROX racing calliper we may offer different piston sizes. If you are in any doubt as to the most suitable piston size for your application our technical department will be happy to advise the best and most efficient solution for your car based on the size of the master cylinder.

Servo Brake
If allowed by the relevant Technical Rules, we recommend to keep the Servo as TAROX calipers are at there best when used with a servo. If a servo is not an option please take into consideration that much more effort is required to brake.